Children Are Not Disposable

I have been a teacher for many years, in lots of different settings, and have come to realize why I love children. Children are transparent, trusting, caring, and genuine.

If I had a dollar for every coloring page, small gift, and hug that I have received from a child, I would be a wealthy woman.

And I do consider myself wealthy based on the opportunities I have been given to share my life and love and God’s love with so many wee-ones, children, and teens.

Sadly, I am faced with the daily reality that my love may be the only love some children will ever know. We live in a society in which children have become disposable, like yesterday’s newspaper.

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Christian or American?

At what point did evangelical Christians in America determine that their rights as Americans trump their calling as Christians?

Weekly news reports bring a tidal wave of attention to social ills, most of which stand in direct contradiction to Biblical values espoused by Christians. Social media explodes with Christian commentary reminiscent of the famous quote from the 1976 movie, “Network,” in which Howard Beale rants, “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore.”
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Ebola – Why Are We So Afraid?

I grew up a child of the 60s. There were riots in the streets, assassinations of our leaders, and a country torn apart by a war no one understood but everyone witnessed every night on the news.

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where racial tensions were high, crime was both carried out and fought by the Mafia, and life was less than perfect.

I grew up afraid – afraid of what this life had to offer and what death would bring to us all. Death seemed like the insurmountable hurdle, the obstacle no one could escape from, the great equalizer of all mankind.
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Love Our Neighbors – For Real

There are many Christians who try to live a life separate from the world – as if interacting and becoming friends with non-Christians will cause us somehow to be exposed to an infectious disease like Ebola or that the sins of the world will somehow rub off on us like gum sticking to the bottom or our shoes.

And while it is true that Jesus says we are to be in the world and not of it – I believe He is not saying that we should stay away from or somehow think ourselves better than the people we come in contact with every day in our jobs, schools, grocery stores and neighborhoods.

In fact, I believe Jesus is saying just the opposite is true.
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Walking With God — Safe in the Storm

My father fought in Korea, the forgotten war, except for the men who fought in it. Post-traumatic stress would define his life and our household.

Rare were the moments when I felt loved, protected and secure. A hurricane that hit our Brooklyn neighborhood was one exception. My father was determined to take on the storm and, after a heated argument with my mom, decided to take me with him.
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