Children Are Not Disposable

I have been a teacher for many years, in lots of different settings, and have come to realize why I love children. Children are transparent, trusting, caring, and genuine.

If I had a dollar for every coloring page, small gift, and hug that I have received from a child, I would be a wealthy woman.

And I do consider myself wealthy based on the opportunities I have been given to share my life and love and God’s love with so many wee-ones, children, and teens.

Sadly, I am faced with the daily reality that my love may be the only love some children will ever know. We live in a society in which children have become disposable, like yesterday’s newspaper.

The sad truth is that many children do not have parents. Of course, every child does have a mother and father biologically speaking, but many children have never known their mother or their father. And there are many other children who tell me their parents have no time for them – while the parents spend their time watching television or checking facebook on the computer.

Is it any wonder that so many children are angry and full of rage? Who would not feel anger, embarrassment and despair for having been abandoned (left without protection or care – Merriam Webster Dictionary)?

And is it any wonder that these are the children who cannot function in school, who fight, who show disregard for authority and who won’t listen to anyone? Surely their self-worth has been decimated with the message that they have no value, that they are unwanted and unloved.

They have been violated at their very core and somehow we expect them to learn and behave like other children when everything inside of them screams for attention and validation in any way they can get it.

It is these children who need more love than others but instead are constantly being disciplined, yelled at, and punished. (Of course this is necessary based on their bad behavior, but what they really need is love!)

My own childhood was bereft due to a similar sense of abandonment. Although my parents were both present, family dysfunction and trauma were the daily norm and a hunger for acceptance, stability, love and parents in whom I could trust was an ache that never subsided through my adolescence and my teenager years.

It was not until someone shared with me the unconditional, unwavering, never-changing, overwhelming love of God that I found the needed inner peace and acceptance that I longed for all my life.

This was the very first Bible verse I ever read and it captured my attention and eventually my heart.

When my mother and father forsake me, the Lord will take me up,” Psalm 27:10.

Oh, how I needed that to be true. And, amazingly, it is!

My heart’s desire is that every child and every human being will know that they are amazingly loved by the God of the universe. I love what Rick Warren says in The Purpose Driven Life.

While there are illegitimate parents, there are no illegitimate children.”

The Bible makes this very clear.

I am your Creator. You were in my care before you were born,” Isaiah 44:2.

You saw me before I was born and scheduled each day of my life before I began to breathe. Every day was recorded in your book,” Psalm 139:16.

If you have longed for a pure and perfect love, there is only one place to find it and that is in the heart of God. He longs for you as well! Ask Him to be the mother and father that you have always longed for and I guarantee you – He will!

And if you have received this great love by Almighty God, I ask you to be that mother or father to another. Show everyone you meet this great love for this is why you were born and placed on this earth – to love, to be loved and to give that love away!


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